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Life coaching motivates you to make the positive changes in your lifestyle you've always thought about, but never achieved. It might be to find more balance in your life, get fitter, feel more confident about yourself, improve a relationship, travel independently or take on an amazing challenge.

Life Coaching

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You may not even know what it is you want to achieve, you just feel unfulfilled. That's not a problem, in fact it's very common. Together, we will look at various aspects of your life, discovering what is most important to you. Then you will decide what you want to focus on and make a positive change. In partnership, we'll create your personal success strategy. This will enable you to make informed choices that will lead to sustainable change in your life.  I will support you throughout the entire process, and help you to overcome any hurdles along the way.


Typically, life coaching consists of a minimum of 4 one-hour weekly sessions. Additional sessions can be added at your request.

"Coaching helped me to identify my strengths and positive traits, as well as pitfalls that I had consistently fallen into. It helped me to process some complicated professional relationships which had arisen and allowed me to see them for what they were and cope with them."



Bernice, C

Estelle was very professional and respectful. I felt at ease talking with her. I never felt rushed or that she treated our time together as merely a pay check. In fact, she seemed more like a good confidant.


Kaely, P

My life is immensely different from when I first began my coaching series with Estelle... It is unlikely my progress would be where it is today without her. I have the tools given to me by Estelle to navigate through life’s challenges.


Kirstie, S

Working with Estelle created shifts for me. I was able to identify blocks around my motivation and confidence in setting up and running my own business and equally important I developed a set of boundaries that have given me the creative space to develop my ideas and time for the important things in life such as my friends, family and self-care

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