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Prepare to Flourish Blog & Podcast Series

Welcome to the Prepare To Flourish blog and podcast series. This series is designed to help you find not just a job but the right job that suits your needs.

Why we created this series.

It was born out of a commitment to help primary caregivers, who had lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, to return to the workplace. Whilst that commitment remains, we realize that the pandemic has impacted so many people in different situations. So, we hope you can take some benefit from it, no matter what your situation.


There have been hundreds of news reports about how COVID-19 has impacted the workforce, and you may have come across the term “shecession” in the headlines recently. The “shecession” (coined by Dr. C. Nicole MasonPresident and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR)) describes this pandemic as a perfect storm for women and mothers.


To read more about how we created this series and what you'll get from it, click here.

Co-host Estelle Curry

Co-host Estelle Curry

Topics We Discuss

Creating Awareness

Co-host & Guest:

Estelle Curry

Week 1

Authentic Networking

Guest: Laura Kasper

Week 2



Guest: Collin Maier

Week 3

Resume & Cover Letter Cleanup

Guest: Dionne Gray

Week 4



Guest Tracey Hanton

Week 5

Interview Through Storytelling

Guest: Martin Kelly

Week 6



Guest: Dr. Katherine

Perez Rivera

Week 7

Negotiate With Confidence

Guest: Kelly Davis

Week 8



Co-host & Guest:

Kristen Struys

Week 9

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