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What is involved in a Reiki treatment?

A Reiki treatment involves the Reiki practitioner gently placing their hands on various parts of the body or placing their hands slightly above the body.


For your session, you will lay on a treatment table fully clothed with your shoes removed. I will use a blend of gentle touch and hovering my hands slightly above your body, however the session will be personalized to your comfort level. The beauty of Reiki is that it is a truly passive experience and there are no physical requirements to receiving Reiki.

"My hour-long session with Estelle was my first real experience with Reiki, and I absolutely loved it. 

I immediately felt at ease and began to feel the tension leaving my body."



Ciara, C

As a person with quite bad anxiety, I found that Estelle’s reiki session calmed me faster than I’d usually calm myself. I felt Estelle’s warmth and pulse from her hands as they hovered over different areas of my body like my arms and legs, which was fascinating. After the session, I was incredibly calm and all my muscles felt relieved from always being tense.


Amy, M

My reiki session with Estelle was a peaceful and restorative experience.  Estelle uses a light touch at times, unlike some reiki practitioners, but it was gentle and pleasing. I entered a sense of calm and lost track of time. At the end of the session, I felt totally at ease and with a new sense of lightness."


Maia, C

My hour-long reiki session with Estelle was my first real experience with reiki, and I absolutely loved it. Estelle has such a calming presence, I immediately felt at ease with her.  I could immediately begin to feel the tension leaving my body. I felt so relaxed and at peace during the session; my mind seemed to drift into a dreamlike state and my body felt at times really heavy and really light.  The hour itself seemed to fly by. I would absolutely come back to see Estelle again. She has a real gift!

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