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Interview coaching will give you the skills and confidence to sail through the recruitment process! These sessions are practical, in that I’ll make you aware of what’s involved in applying for and getting a job, from start to finish.

Work Interview

Interview Coaching

Between us, we’ll create a ‘must-hire’ resume and introductory content that will engage your prospective employer. We’ll have a look at how best to promote your personal brand via social media, especially LinkedIn. Then we’ll look at the most efficient and effective ways to hunt for a job.


The next steps involve coaching around interview techniques, enabling your skills and experiences to shine; exit strategy from your current role and finally negotiating the best package for you.

Typically, employment coaching has no minimum session requirement. We’ll look at your specific needs and tailor accordingly so you have the know-how to nail that job you’ve really wanted.

"I started coaching when I was looking to change jobs, I was looking for a new career but had no idea what I wanted to do or what I was good at."


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Laura, M

I had the chance to be coached by Estelle and I can only recommend her amazing work! Through our coaching process, I have been impressed by her ability to challenge me while still joining me on my journey! Estelle is an experienced Coach and she genuinely takes her clients' interests at heart! She is passionate, insightful and thoughts-provocative!


Amy, M

Estelle was an amazing career coach for me and helped me land my dream job! I worked with Estelle for weeks developing a better sense of what I after, and she helped me transform my resume and cover letter, and prepare for interviews through effective communication.


Toya, H

I'm honored to have the opportunity to be coached by Estelle. She helped me to understand my love for my job and how to grow in it. She knows how to ask the right questions to bring out your best quality in your career. She listens to what you are saying and understands your background. I feel like she is truly gifted in this area and cared about your job. She allows me to be myself and understand my passion for my job. She is the best!!!

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