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You might want a strategy to get that overdue promotion or pay rise; or maybe your role or environment have gone stale and you need the confidence and right tack to approach your boss to improve it or maybe you simply want to improve in certain areas.


Women Colleagues

Career Coaching

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If you're looking for a complete career change and know what you want to do, my extensive experience of the recruitment market will inform you of the opportunities available and how to approach them. Equally, if you don't know where you want to go professionally, I can help you do an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and what type of job you would enjoy. Then we set about getting you that job through employment coaching.


Typically, career coaching involves a minimum of 4 one-hour weekly sessions. Additional sessions can be added at your request.           



"Coaching helped me see that the only barrier to achieving what I wanted was my own lack of self-belief ."                      



Mel, D

Estelle radiates positivity without overwhelming you. It is always clear that the coaching is about you, your choices, your goals and your progress. Estelle deftly facilitates this in a caring and professional manner. 


Lisa, C

"I started coaching when I was looking to change jobs, I was looking for a new career but had no idea what I wanted to do or what I was good at. Over a number of sessions Estelle helped me figure out my strengths and what type of role I was suited to


Holleh, H

Coaching with Estelle that was pretty groundbreaking for me personally in identifying the things that work and don't work with my current situation.

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