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Business coaching is for organizations that want to make positive and sustainable change for their business. I specialize in working with businesses to identify their mission, vision and values and how to leverage this shared commitment by embedding them across all aspects of the business, keeping them alive, functional and transformative.

Business Coaching


In 2014, Gallup conducted a survey of 49,928 business units across 192 organizations, representing 49 different industries in 34 countries. They discovered that margin and mission are not at odds with one another at all. In fact, the opposite is true.

It should be your purpose to keep the mission, vision and values at the core of your business, establishing the organizational goals and objectives. To instill a passion for your company's purpose, the leaders need to address employees' engagement needs. Focusing on aligning mission, vision and values, empowers high performance amongst individuals and teams. By providing this strategic direction, leaders will maximize employee engagement as a key driver of organizational performance and business success.

I can coach your organization through the process of choosing or updating your corporate values, vision and mission. This can involve embedding them into all the major touch points in the employee lifecycle, including performance management, training, recruitment, goal setting.

I can assist in aligning your strategic objectives with your mission, values and visions; cascading these objectives through the different job roles throughout the organization, thereby creating transformational and sustainable change.

"Coaching kept me focused and motivated and even during periods where I felt I had made no progress, it showed me that progress was to be found in places I hadn't looked."



Bernice, C

Estelle is an awesome coach! Estelle took the time to listen to my needs and asked probing question which encouraged me to think deeply about myself, and to provide thoughtful responses to difficult questions.


Patricia, C

Estelle is a motivating and inspiring executive and career coach. Her intuitive mentoring approach gave me the ability to recognize, understand, and uncover my true career goals.


Kirstie, S

Estelle's technique is powerful. There is no judgement rather a strong sense of empathy and she is able to ask and frame questions that make me truly stop and reflect , and often changes my perspective.

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