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Reviews for Florescit Life Coaching & Reiki

"Estelle radiates positivity without overwhelming you. It is always clear that the coaching is about you, your choices, your goals and your progress. Estelle deftly facilitates this in a caring and professional manner. I was drawn to coaching by a strong desire to change my habits and the realization that Life Coaching was quite likely the tool that would help me do that. Life coaching made me feel like I was supported and that someone was "rooting" for me.


Coaching with Estelle helped me to identify my strengths and positive traits, as well as pitfalls that I had consistently fallen into. It helped me to process some complicated professional relationships which had arisen and allowed me to see them for what they were and cope with them. It kept me focused and motivated and even during periods where I felt I had made no progress, it showed me that progress was to be found in places I hadn't looked.


Estelle has managed to find the "sweet spot" where I felt encouraged and supported but in a completely professional manner, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend her as Life Coach."

- Mel, Dublin

"I have just started coaching with Estelle at Florescit, but have had a wonderful experience thus far. I had never tried Life Coaching before, but have had one session with Estelle that was pretty groundbreaking for me personally in identifying the things that work and don't work with my current situation. It had been difficult identifying possible reasons my dissatisfaction of certain areas of my life, and things became so much clearer even in one session. Looking forward to more. Thanks, Estelle!"

- Holleh, Philadelphia

"I started coaching when I was looking to change jobs, I was looking for a new career but had no idea what I wanted to do or what I was good at. Over a number of sessions Estelle helped me figure out my strengths and what type of role I was suited to. I was coached through rewriting my resume and interview preparation, which was a huge help as they were my worst nightmare! Not long after Estelle's coaching I was offered a brilliant job that was the first step in my new career. A little over a year later and I'm Secretary to a Partner in one of Ireland's top 10 Law Firms and planning to continue my studies. I genuinely wouldn't be where I am today without Estelle's support, she helped me see that the only barrier to achieving what I wanted was my own lack of self-belief."

-Lisa, Dublin

"My hour-long reiki session with Estelle was my first real experience with reiki, and I absolutely loved it. Estelle has such a calming presence, I immediately felt at ease with her.  I could immediately begin to feel the tension leaving my body. I felt so relaxed and at peace during the session; my mind seemed to drift into a dreamlike state and my body felt at times really heavy and really light.  The hour itself seemed to fly by. I would absolutely come back to see Estelle again. She has a real gift!"

- Maia, Phiadelphia

"My reiki session with Estelle was a peaceful and restorative experience.  Estelle uses a light touch at times, unlike some reiki practitioners, but it was gentle and pleasing. I entered a sense of calm and lost track of time. At the end of the session, I felt totally at ease and with a new sense of lightness."

- Amy, Philadelphia


As a person with quite bad anxiety, I found that Estelle’s reiki session calmed me faster than I’d usually calm myself. I was actually sick at the time, and I found that for majority of that hour after getting into the session, I didn’t feel a lot of the pain of the cold, or congested at all. I felt Estelle’s warmth and pulse from her hands as they hovered over different areas of my body like my arms and legs, which was fascinating. After the session, I was incredibly calm and all my muscles felt relieved from always being tense.

- Ciara, Melbourne

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