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Is winter coming?


As I have actively avoided the Game of Thrones phenomenon since its rise to fame, it comes as a surprise to me that my first blog post makes reference to it. On the surface, this post may not have an obvious link to Life Coaching, however coaching is fundamentally about behaviors, how we treat ourselves and others, how we choose to respond to our environment and our circumstances.

I have recently relented on my Game of Thrones boycott. While I’m less than 300 pages into the first novel, I am struck by the following passage written by George R.R. Martin: “Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths”. While the significance of these words in relation to the series has yet to reveal itself to me, the significance of these words as Europe stumbles upon an unexpected economic and political winter speaks volumes. In the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the EU, it has been widely reported that unrest is on the rise, similar to that which is being felt across the US and further afield.

In contrast to this, another phenomenon has been making headlines during the last few weeks of the European soccer championship. It would seem that Irish soccer fans have been providing Europeans with much needed good-natured entertainment not to mention a few good deeds along the way.

While it may not be news that Irish fans have great “craic” wherever they go, it is particularly poignant that it has become a catalyst for positivity. Even in the face of defeat they have maintained their good natured fun and respect for opposing teams and their supporters. Their positively has been contagious and reciprocated as demonstrated when opposing teams and fans chant the famous lines “Stand up for the boys in green”.

It is in that vein that I invite us all to stand up for humanity, whilst economic and political unions may elude us at present, we still have an option to stand in union with our fellow humans, protect each other, keep each other warm and share our strengths no matter what team you support.

When faced with opposition, what do you choose to do? It is the choices that we make and the values that we hold dear that determine who we are.

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